Centenary Resource Pack

We have produced this set of materials and ideas for Quaker Meetings and other groups and which we hope will provide stimulus in thinking about how the Quaker peace witness in the past can inform and inspire our action and concern now. There is a variety of resources, which will be of interest to different people. The contents are listed below.

A pack is being sent free of charge to each Northern Quaker Meeting. Additional copies are available on request to Meetings outside of the Northern Friends Peace Board area and for Northern meetings wanting more than one set. We would appreciate a contribution of £5 per pack for these additional sets. The materials will also all be available on our website at www.nfpb.org.uk/centenarypack

We would very much welcome responses and feedback about how you use the materials in the pack, and also continuing input into our thinking and action on Quaker peace concerns over the coming years.

Contents of the pack
(see bottom of page for links to download these as PDFs)

  • Suggestions for workshops, discussions and reflections
  • Illustrated booklet on our 100 year history
  • ‘What shall we do?’ – text of a leaflet published by NFPB on the outbreak of war in 1914
  • Poster design flyer and examples of some NFPB posters
  • ‘A burning, living faith’ – a short play written by NFPB member Jo Alberti
  • Four short historical essays
  • Information sheets about related publications and our display