Peace Building


July 2017: We are offering workshops for Quaker and other groups.
Building Peace Together
These workshops aim to support people in working together for peace, building on resources that we have in our communities. How do we include and engage with a wider audience in our peace action and witness? How can dialogue and constructive exploration of difference be part of our work for positive change? The workshop is about making space for hope, for listening and transformation in our action for peace.

Productive conversations on difficult issues
Speaking truth to those known to have very different perceptions than ours is difficult. However if we never do speak honestly there always will be a gulf between us.
This workshop draws on one that we first offered to look at the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. It will be a time to consider and try out the skills of listening, questioning, sharing information and other approaches to making conversations on difficult and contested issues more productive.

Contact us if you would like to find out more and would be interest in inviting us to run a workshop – and download our workshops leaflet here

NFPB Building Peace in Diverse Britain project
This project worked for a number of years to promote opportunities for learning about dialogue and promoting peace in the communities in which we live. The project has ended but related resources and a report of the project can be found here .

A number of NFPB members have taken part in training workshops run by Turning the Tide , whose website has a wealth of material to help groups in thinking and planning nonviolent approaches to working for change.


Peace education
We don’t currently have capacity for peace education work ourselves but are keen to promote awareness and understanding of different approaches that might be taken. Quakers in Britain have a well established programme of peace education activities and are also part of the Peace Education Network , both of which should be a valuable starting point to find out what other organisations in the UK are doing in this area

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