Centenary time-line display

We have produced a 10-panel display, illustrating some of the key parts of our history and the history of Quaker peace work and witness over the past century.

The display is available on A1 panels (841 × 594 mm) with velcro mounts. We now also have versions on A3 laminated sheets – available to buy at £10 a set or to borrow. Contact us as below.

An information sheet showing the whole display is available as a PDF to download below.

To view a slideshow of images of the panels



These cards carry a small selection of the several hundred posters produced by Northern Friends Peace Board over the years and have been produced to mark our centenary in 2013.

They can be bought individually or in packs of six. [Order form]

Income from sales of these items goes into supporting our continuing peace work for and with Northern Friends.

There is a Flickr slideshow of 30 posters from our archives , some of which are those used for these cards

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Resources and materials

Our archives are a rich source of visual and written materials. Working through these has inspired us and helped us to get a better understanding of the pattern, scope, inspiration and people behind the peace activities of Northern Friends Peace Board since 1913. We are producing a range of publications and resources that both celebrate this work and, we hope, provide ideas, inspiration and challenge for future work. The following is a list of the materials, some of which will be available to download in due course and others to purchase. A good number of them will be in a pack for Local Quaker Meetings and others

  • Display – ten panels in a variety of sizes illustrating the history of NFPB
  • Historical essays – written by a member of our project group, drawing on information in our archives – see http://nfpb.org.uk/centenarypack (see also the text of a talk given at the Peace History Conference in Manchester, September 2013)
  • Tea-towel – produced on organic fair-trade cotton and based on an earlier poster design
  • Candle – hand-made in Yorkshire, with our logo
  • A play – “A Burning, Living Faith”, written by NFPB member Jo Alberti and reflecting on some of the key strands of peace concern over the period of NFPB’s history
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Centenary tea-towel

We found some wonderful designs amongst our archive of posters.

One of these – a poster published in the 1930s – we have had turned into a tea-towel design, marking our centenary year in 2013. It features a quotation from the early and influential Quaker, William Penn.

They are printed on organic fair-trade cotton and supplied by Bishopston Trading.

Available for £5 plus postage – please see order form below.

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Cake, memories, friendships and looking forward

NFPB's birthday cake

Northern Friends Peace Board marked the centenary of its formation with a party at the newly refurbished Manchester Meeting House. Set up after a peace conference of Quakers in the North in January 1913, the Board has undertaken a variety of work with and for Northern Friends, supported by funding and representatives from throughout the North of Britain.

NFPB Centenary-related activities during 2013

Our overall aim during our centenary year was to draw on the rich past of NFPB peace work and individuals’ peace witness, to inform and inspire current and future action. Throughout the year, we arranged activities and produced resource to engage with people of all ages in a process of learning, exploration and looking forward.

The centenary was also an opportunity to say thank you to all those who have contributed to NFPB’s witness over the years and to raise the profile of current Quaker peace concerns more widely. As the year progressed, we began working with Quakers and other groups in preparing for the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

The following are the key events and resources we worked on during the year.

  • 2nd February – celebration of 100th Anniversary of founding conference and launch of the year
  • Production and distribution of NFPB centenary pack to all Northern Quaker Meetings and others, to include: Historical booklet , – Workshop ideas, play, poster-design competition materials, historic leaflets. Also with suggestions for how Friends might use the centenary for outreach or media work.
  • 9th March – Board meeting in Sheffield, with speaker reflecting on 10 years since Iraq invasion and anti-war movements
  • 29th June – 5th July – Walking the Walk – walk of witness from Richmond Castle to Menwith Hill
  • 28th September – Board meeting in Edinburgh with reflections on Scottish Friends’ contribution to peace witness.
  • 30th November – Board meeting in Kendal
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A day-conference looking at current & future peace priorities and marking the centenary of Northern Friends Peace Board http://nfpb.org.uk/centenary_conference

Walk of Witness, marking NFPB's centenary

Saturday, June 29, 2013 to Friday, July 5, 2013

From Richmond Castle, where conscientious objectors were imprisoned during the first world war, to Menwith Hill, US base in North Yorkshire. For more details, go to http://nfpb.org.uk/walk100

NFPB Centenary

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Northern Friends Peace Board was set up after a conference held on 30 January 1913. This event is the closest Saturday to the centenary of that event and will be an informal gathering to mark the event, to hear from those who are and have been involved in our work over the years. It will also be a launch for the other activities and resources for the year. At Manchester Meeting House, from 2.00pm to 5.00pm Contact [email protected] 0124 382330


Inspiration and energy

NFPB members met for their last meeting of the year (and of the first 99 years of this Quaker committee) in Liverpool at the end of November. Members from all parts of the North shared in worship, in telling one another about current peace concerns and activities in their area and reflecting in more depth on a number of issues.


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