NFPB members' meeting

Saturday, June 18, 2016

in Edinburgh – contact us for further details

NFPB members' meeting

Saturday, March 5, 2016

In Nottingham . Contact us for further details.

Days, weeks and months for peace

21st September as UN Peace Day is gaining a higher profile each year, with people and organisations around the world using it to raise awareness and take action on different aspects of peace. But it also marks the beginning of a period which features a number of days and weeks with a peace and Quaker focus. Friends around the North will be taking a lead in some of these and participating in many more.

War No More

A continuation of the Preparing for Peace project of Westmorland Quakers, with material looking at the first world war, contemporary war and progress towards peace

Quakers in Australia

Update - March 2015

Dear Friends,

h2. NFPB news update

This is a short news update from Northern Friends Peace Board. We hope to send more regular mailings in the future.

h3. Email address for further mailings?

We would like to send most of these updates by email when appropriate. We know that it is not always straightforward to keep mailing lists up to date. If you are happy to receive these updates by email it would help us if you could send a short email (subject – mailing list) – to [email protected] – stating your Meeting and the email address you would like us to use. Thank you.

h3. General Election

We have produced a short leaflet, reiterating some of our concerns about building security and peace through addressing the roots of conflict. A copy, which also includes possible questions for candidates can be downloaded from http://nfpb.org.uk/genel2015 . We are also part of the a Network of Christian Peace Organisations, and have contributed to a briefing on some key peace concerns in relation to the election. Copies of this can be downloaded from our website http://ncpo.org.uk/ncpo-general-election-briefing-2015-2 and are available in print from our office on request.

h3. Ukraine

We have written two letters to our Government, this year and last, urging efforts to promote diplomatic and non-military approaches to the conflict in Ukraine. We also joined with other groups in sending a similar letter, as well as letters to the governments of France and Germany in support of their endeavours to build peace between conflict parties.

h3. Military Spending

The Global Day of Action on Military spending (GDAMS) is in its 5th year and this year is on 13th April. Promoted by international peace networks, it is being developed in different ways around the world. We are part of a UK working group pooling ideas and information to support action on this. See enclosed leaflet and also go to http://demilitarize.org.uk/ for further information.

h3. Meetings for worship at bases

We are three months into 2015 but there are still plenty of opportunities to join with other Friends in Meetings for worship at bases in North Yorkshire and at Faslane. Details of dates and locations of these and many other opportunities are given on our website calendar at http://nfpb.org.uk/calendar

h3. Kites not drones

On 21st March there is an opportunity to raise awareness of and protest in a fun way about the use of military drones. http://www.stopwar.org.uk/events/fly-kites-not-drones

h3. NFPB meetings and Regional events

NFPB meets four times a year and the first of these took place in Leeds at the end of February. Future meetings will be in Perth, Glasgow and Lancaster. We are also looking to arrange a number of smaller regional events for NFPB members and other Friends and attenders, to meet up, discuss current peace concerns, share conversation, food and worship and build links.
If you would be interested in hosting one of these less formal regional events at your Meeting House, please get in touch.

h3. Keeping in touch

As well as these mailings, we try to keep our website calendar up-to-date and share ideas and information using our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please do let us know of activities, concerns or events, either directly at the NFPB office or through Area Meeting representatives. We look forward to keeping in touch.

In Friendship,

Philip Austin

Northern Friends Peace Board members' meeting

Saturday, November 28, 2015

in Lancaster. 10.45 – 16.15, (arrivals from 10.00am)
Contact us on [email protected] , for further details

Northern Friends Peace Board members' meeting

Saturday, September 26, 2015

in Perth. Contact us – [email protected] – for further details

Quaker Equality Week

Quaker Equality Week is a 9-day “week” running from Saturday 6th to Sunday 15th March 2015. Quakers all over the country will display posters and have vigils and other activities to publicise our testimony to equality, with the theme of economic inequality in the UK.

NFPB members' meeting

Saturday, June 13, 2015

at Glasgow Quaker Meeting House, Contact us – [email protected] – for further details



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