From The Tribunal August 29th 1918

This is a further update in a series of extracts from the No Conscription Fellowship’s journal, published in the UK between March 1916 and November 1918
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From the “Edinburgh Evening News,” Aug. 14th, 1918:-

A deputation from the No Conscription Fellowship was received in Edinburgh Trades Council at their meeting last night. The Rev. Raymond Hold brought before the notice of the Council the treatment of conscientious objectors who were willing to do work of national importance under the Government scheme, and had accordingly been release from Home Office Camps. It had been found, however, that other men in the works where the conscientious objectors had obtained employment, had threatened to strike. The deputation asked the Council to do all they could to prevent the continuance of such treatment. Mr. Holt said it would be a terrible blot on the honour and reputation of the trades unions if they were found to be more intolerant thant the Government itself. (Applause). The Council, by a large majority, approved of a motion that no member of any trades union should be barred from working because of his political or religious opinions. An amendment that no expression of opinion with regard to action by the trades union should be given, was supported by only four votes.