From the Tribunal, August 3 1916
_This is a further update in a series of extracts from the No Conscription Fellowship’s journal, published in the UK between March 1916 and November 1918. _
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Observing that it was a travesty of the English language to say that a man had not joined the Army was deemed to have done so, Mr. Hay Halkett, a Greenwich magistrate, allowed a member of N.C.F. to have a remand so as to have his case re-heard.

The many people who are asking after C.H. Norman will be pleased to hear rhat he was recently seen at Wormwood Scrubs by another C.O., whom he asked to let his friends know that he is considerably better in health where he is and being kindly treated by the warders.

Dr. Macnamara, speaking in the House on July 25, said that war was waste. Up to the moment of going to press he has not been summoned under the Defence of the Realm Act.

Rev. William Piggott, minister and warden of Blackfriars Mission, who is well known to members of the N.C.F. and the I.L.P., recently received a yellow form. The recruiting officer justified himself by saying that the registration authorities had given his name as a military conscript, and that by the latest “instructions” Unitarian ministers were not exepted, in spite of what the Military Service Act might say.

The Rev. Fred Hanlinson, of kentish Town Unitarian Church, received a similar notice, but in his case it was withdrawn with an apology. The vigorous Pacifist activities of these two ministers no doubt had something to do with the case.

A resolution has just been passed by the Parliamentary Committee of the Scottish Trade Union Congress “urging His Majesty’s Government to at once make an inquiry into the treatmet of conscientious objectors under military control.”