From The Tribunal May 9th 2018

This is a further update in a series of extracts from the No Conscription Fellowship’s journal. published in the UK between March 1916 and November 1918
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An Appeal from the J.A.C. To the Editor of the “Tribunal.”

It is becoming increasingly evident that it will be necessary to make provision against time when the men now in prison under the Military Service Acts will be released. In a number of cases, their health, physical and mental, has suffered, and a period of rest and recuperation will be needed before they will be fit to take up work.

The Joint Advisory Committee of the N.C.F.. F.O.R., and F.S.C. has undertaken to see to it that, as far as may be possible, those who have suffered may not lack the means of recovering their strength which they have so generously sacrificed for the cause of peace and freedom, and have asked me to act on their behalf. I should be grateful therefore, if:-

1. Those able and willing to accommodate one or more of these men in their homes for a limited period, those willing to contribute towards expenses entailed in boarding men where such expenses are incurred, and those who can recommend suitable convalescent homes, boarding houses, etc., would inform us.

2. Relations and friends of C.O.‘s and Secs. of organisations in touch with the C.O. movement would report cases of men needing convalescent treatment and unable to provide the same themselves. The name and address of the person sending information should be given for reference. All communication should be addressed to me, c/o The Fellowship of Reconciliation, 17 Red Lion Square, WC1.

I am, yours faithfully