This listing includes events and activities in the north of Britain and further afield, Quaker and non-Quaker. Where we are not the organiser, we  give links to the groups or individuals to contact where we have these.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the events currently listed are online.
Please let us know of any additions or changes that are needed

  • November 2021

    • Thursday 4 to Thursday 9 Dec Facing up to violence level 1
      Alternatives to Violence course. Online. Details here.
    • Monday 8 to Sunday 16 Jan 2022 Quaker conciliation: Healing the world’s wounds
      Woodbroke course. 6 sessions & 2 optional worship sessions. Details here.
    • Wednesday 17 to Tuesday 8 Feb 2022 The foundations & future of Quaker change making
      Woodbroke course. Online. Details here.
    • Wednesday 24 to Tuesday 8 Feb 2022 The foundations and future of Quaker change-making
      Woodbroke course. Details here.
  • December 2021

    • Tuesday 14 Reflecting on COP 26
      Woodbroke event.  Reflecting on activism for COP 26. 7.00pm-9.00pm. Details here.
  • January 2022

    • Monday 10 to Sunday 20 Feb A Foundation in Non-Violent Communication
      Woodbroke Course. £86. Details here.
    • Monday 10 to Sunday 20 Feb A Foundation in Nonviolent Community
      Woodbroke course. £86. Tutors Therese Bentley, Jenny Tipping. Details here.
    • Wednesday 12 to Tuesday 22 Feb Tools for Refinding Connection at a Time of Polarisation
      Woodbroke course with Tanya Hubbard. Details here.
  • February 2022

    • Sunday 20 Working for Peace in the Middle East
      CND online conference. 1.00pm-4.15pm. Details here.
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