This listing includes events and activities in the north of Britain and further afield, Quaker and non-Quaker. Where we are not the organiser, we  give links to the groups or individuals to contact where we have these.
Please let us know of any additions or changes that are needed

  • October 2023

    • Monday 9 to Monday 18 Dec Quaker Ecology in a time of Climate Crisis
      Woodbroke Course every Monday 6-7.30pm on zoom. Details here.
  • November 2023

    • Monday 6 to Monday 11 Dec Talking Peace
      Woodbroke course Mondays 7-9pm. Details here.
  • January 2024

    • Wednesday 10 Community Security: Overcoming a policy of exclusion
      Rethinking Security webinar. 6pm, on Zoom.  Details & registration here.
    • Wednesday 24 to Wednesday 21 Feb Rethinking Security: steps to sustainable peace with justice
      Woodbrooke course. 4 Weds 6.30-8pm. Tutors Tanya Hubbard & Joanna Frew. Details here.
    • Thursday 25 to Thursday 29 Feb Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication.
      Woodbrooke. Every Thursday 7pm-9-15pm. Details here.
    • Tuesday 30 Colorizing Restorative Justice
      Woodbrooke. 7pm-8.30. Details here.
  • February 2024

    • Wednesday 7 Human Need & Wellbeing: Investing in healthy societies
      Rethinking Security webinar. 6pm. Details & registration here.
    • Tuesday 13 Quaker responses to Ukraine
      Woodbrooke. Tanya Hubbard. 6/30-8pm. Details here.
    • Wednesday 21 Truth & Integrity: an Interfaith Exchange
      Woodbrooke. 7pm-8.30. Online. Details here.
    • Monday 26 Resilient Communities: why we need radical imagination
      Woodbrooke. 7pm-9pm. Details here.
  • March 2024

    • Thursday 21 Learning from Indigenous Restorative Justice Processes
      Woodbrooke. 6.30pm-8pm. Details here.
  • April 2024

    • Friday 5 to Friday 26 Bayard T. Rustin: the pragmatic Quaker & his political life
      Woodbrooke. 3pm-4.30 Fridays. Details here.
    • Monday 29 Applying Our Quaker Testimonies to Economics
      Woodbroke. 6.30-8pm. Details here.
  • May 2024

    • Thursday 23 Women Waging Peace in Myanmar: Noon
      Woodbrooke. 6.30-8pm. Details here.
  • June 2024

    • Tuesday 11 to Tuesday 2 Jul Migration and Peace in Europe
      Woodbrooke. 6.30-8pm. Details here.
    • Saturday 29 Being and Doing: Finding the Balance
      Woodbrooke day school. 9.30am-4pm. Details here.
  • October 2024

    • Friday 25 to Sunday 27 Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication
      Woodbrooke. Weekend course. At the Vedanta, Lincolnshire. Details here.
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