This listing includes events and activities in the north of Britain and further afield, Quaker and non-Quaker. Where we are not the organiser, we  give links to the groups or individuals to contact where we have these.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the events currently listed are online.
Please let us know of any additions or changes that are needed

  • April 2021

    • Friday 16 to Thursday 20 May Being a Quaker Community of Witness and Welcome
      Woodbroke course. Tutors Gill Sewell, Jon Martin & Mark Russ. £54. Details here.
    • Monday 19 to Sunday 30 May Introduction to Restorative Justice
      Woodbroke course. £72. Tutors Deborah Mitchell, Josh Rogers. 7pm-8.30pm. Details here.
    • Tuesday 20 to Thursday 3 Jun QPSW Spring Sessions: “What Love Can Do”
      See individual dates for details, or see here for details.
  • May 2021

    • Monday 10 to Sunday 6 Jun A Quaker Response to Climate Collapse
      Live sessions every Monday & Friday, 6-30-8pm.  Jackie Carpenter. Details here.
    • Wednesday 19 ‘Global Britain’ and the Integrated Review
      Greater Manchester CND. Short presentations from Dr Kate Hudson, Dr Jenny Clegg & Dr Dave Webb. 6pm. Details here.
    • Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 Possibilities of Peace Education: Evidence & Opportunities
      Quaker Council for European Affairs conference in Brussels. Online. More details here.
    • Saturday 22 to Friday 25 Jun Addressing Colonialism and Racism in Quaker Peace and Service Work
      Detmer Kramer & Tracey Martin. Every Weds except 16th June, 7pm-9pm. Details here.
    • Saturday 22 Working for Peace in the Middle East
      CND conference. Will the Middle East ever be nuclear free? 1pm-2.10pm Can the middle east ever be nuclear free? 2.20pm-3.30pm Under scrutiny: the UK in the middle east. Details here.
    • Monday 24 Real security will be achieved by meeting real human need
      To address covid, climate & eco disasters, security has to move from outmoded national model to human security. 6-8pm. Details here.
    • Tuesday 25 to Tuesday 29 Jun Jews and Quakers Conference: On Privilege and Prejudice
      Woodbroke course. Tutor: Rhiannon Grant. £110. Details here.
    • Tuesday 25 Owning racism as a white problem – and really changing
      NCPO: Key issues facing Christian peacemakers. 7 pm. Details here.
    • Tuesday 25 QPSW Spring Sessions: A brief history of climate justice
      12.30-2.00pm. From slavery to now. Details here.
    • Thursday 27 Owning racism as a white problem.
      See 25th May. 7pm. Detail here.
    • Thursday 27 Saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war
      Tim Deveraeux, Movement Against War on the challenges of war & peace in the 21st century. 7pm-8.30pm. Details & registration here.
    • Thursday 27 Understanding Peace Workshop
      Heather Larkin-Jones. 6.30-9pm. Details here.
  • June 2021

    • Thursday 3 QPSW Spring Sessions: Freedom from fear & harm: building peace in Britain today
      5.00pm-7.00pm. Details here.
    • Saturday 5 Solidarity In the Hostile Environment: What can we do?
      Learn more about the asylum system & the hostile environment.  Catherine Henderson. 10am-4pm. Details here.
    • Monday 21 Has the United Nations a future?

      Hexham Debates: Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University. Invitation and zoom link here.

    • Saturday 26 NFPB members’ meeting
      Arrangements to be confirmed, but we expect this meeting to take place online
    • Saturday 26 Resist Armed Forces Day
      Around the UK. Peace Pledge Union. What will you be doing? Info here.
    • Tuesday 29 Quakers and the UN climate talks: how do we seize this moment?
      6-7.30pm. North, North-East & Yorkshire. Find out about Quaker action round COP26. Details here.
  • August 2021

    • Monday 16 Loving Earth: Build Back Better
      10.30am-4pm. One day session to better understand the work on climate change nationally. Details here.
    • Tuesday 31 to Monday 11 Oct Reconnecting in a time of crisis: learning from the work of Charles Eisenstein
      Looking at the author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know & Sacred Economics through reflective reading. Lucy Faulkner-Gaulinski & George Gaulinski. 6 sessions, Tuesdays 7-8.30pm. Details here.
  • September 2021

    • Monday 13 Exploring the Swarthmore Lecture: open to new light?
      Looking at fake news & misdirection. Thomas Penny & Ben Pink Dandelion. 7-8.30pm. Details here.
    • Monday 20 Exploring the Swarthmore Lecture: What canst thou say?
      Thomas Penny, Ben Pink Dandelion. 7-8.30pm. Detail here.
    • Monday 27 Exploring the Swarthmore Lecture: Kinder ground
      Thomas Penny, Ben Pink Dandelion. 7pm-8.30pm. Details here.
    • Monday 27 to Sunday 24 Oct Radical listening: putting listening at the heart of witness
      What would happen if we really listened to those affected by injustice & poverty? Thursdays 6.30-8.30. Details here.
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