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“The local authority, in making their appointments to the tribunals, should bear in mind that the tribunal will have to hear, among the applications, those made on the grounds of conscientious objection. MEN WHO APPLY SHOULD FEEL THAT THEY ARE BEING JUDGED BY A TRIBUNAL THAT WILL DEAL FAIRLY WITH THEIR CASES.” Mr Walter Long in L.G.B Circular.


A member of the Oldham Tribunal, referring to conscientious objectors, said he was not often ashamed of his fellow-men, but he so with men such as those before him.

At Huddersfield two Socialists claimed on conscience grounds and were granted exemption fro combatant service only, the military representative (Captain Bradbury) remarking: These men are a great evil and will hinder recruiting if they are left.

At the Salford Tribunal the Chairman refused to allow Principal Graham to explain certain points in connection with the belief of the Society of Friends, remarking that “they could not listen to arguments.”

Sir Joseph Sykes Tymer, at York Tribunal: “I think God has made a great mistake in sending you to earth before the Millenium.” Of course, he was speaking to a conscientious objector.

The Chairman of Wirral Tribunal: I wish the Government had not put this clause about conscientious objectors in the Act. I don’t agree with it myself.

March 15 1916

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