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  • Time for action on climate, for peace

    As we approach the COP26 UN climate conference, the urgency of addressing climate issues is pressing. Friends worldwide are, with others, taking action, from art activism, advocacy and prayer to nonviolent witness, to urge governments to make choices that will contribute to justice and to the wellbeing of the planet. Links between peace and climate … Read more

  • Autumn update

    This is an overview of some recent meetings and activities, with pointers to current and new resources relating to our work. NFPB meetings NFPB members met – still by video conference – in June and September. At our June meeting, We reflected together on the situation in Israel and Palestine, following the recent escalation of … Read more

  • Campaigners, faith groups and NGOs urge rethink over military spending

    A wide range ofUK campaigning organisations, including NFPB, are urging the government to rethink its military spending decisions in the light of the pandemic and the climate emergency. Figures released today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) show that global military spending in 2020 increased by 2.6% to $1981 billion and the UK’s … Read more

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