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  • Palestine and Israel: Joint call for ceasefire and de-escalation

    Through the Network of Christian Peace Organisations in the UK, NFPB has endorsed an open letter to the Foreign Secretary, James Cleverley, asking him and the UK government to work for: – urgent de-escalation of the conflict – meaningful dialogue, recognising the long-standing unresolved issues arising from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and … Read more

  • NFPB June meeting  

    For our second members’ meeting of the year, Friends gathered in Darlington and online on 24 June, with roughly equal numbers in the physical and virtual spaces respectively. The date of our meeting coincided with the government-sponsored ‘Armed Forces Day’ and Friends had the opportunity to reflect on this in the opening part of the … Read more

  • NFPB members join Quakers at the Big One

    NFPB member Phoebe Spence writes… Friday 21st April 2023 was the first day of the four day action taking place outside Parliament organised by XR with many other groups including Quakers joining in. It was the first big test of their new approach to action being more inclusive, accessible, no arrests etc. Several hundred Quakers … Read more

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