Review – Inner Healing, Inner Peace

Inner Healing, Inner Peace: A Quaker Perspective, John Lampen, Diana Lampen – (Christian Alternative/Quaker Quicks) review by Steven Waling First of all, the title. It sounds terribly like another of those ‘mindfulness’ self-help books that are very popular nowadays, with their pop-psychological techniques for dealing with stress, depressive thoughts and the burdens of modern life. … Read more

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Storytelling from the frontlines – review

Published by Quaker Council for European AffairsRead the publication and watch related video materials at: Review by Steven Waling One thing that is necessary for anyone involved in peace work, in resistance to militarism and in response to climate change, is facts. We have to be as accurate as we possibly can, and to … Read more

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Review: Sowing Seeds for the Future

Sowing Seeds for the Future by Andrew Rigby – review by Steven Waling The subtitle of this book is ‘Exploring the power of constructive nonviolent action.’ Andrew Rigby has written an often times fascinating account of the various means of creating a new society within the present often violent and exploitative world we now live … Read more

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Earthlings – Grow Up or Die Out

Guest blog from Geoff Tansey (originally published here ) I wondered what a benign long-lived alien race observing Earth for millennia would make of what is happening to us on earth today. Perhaps it might go something like this. An open letter to all of humanity In a lot of your fiction and movies you … Read more

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Review – “Hope’s Work: Facing the future in an age of Crises”

… an unusual, but I feel a very necessary book… through the telling of stories and meditative prose, it encourages those of us engaged in the struggle to change the world for the better to carry on; and also, maybe, to realise that we don’t have to carry the burden of hope alone.

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Taking stock, taking care and being ready

NFPB is currently arranging monthly opportunities for our members and others interested in our work to meet up online. At the most recent gathering, the strain of the continuing pandemic was acknowledged, with those working or volunteering in the area of mental health reporting significant challenges that people are facing. Alongside this, Friends who would … Read more

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From weapons to wellbeing

by Philip Austin Responding to the crisis Messages regarding the Covid-19 virus from some politicians and journalists are heavily laced with militarist language that seems at odds with the work that is being done up and down the country to save lives. Perhaps a more appropriate analogy is the massive restructuring of military industries and … Read more

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Seventy five years on

I recall an incident that must have been in about 1970. We were told that a boy from Germany was to be visiting the school, and one of my classmates piped up with ‘Will he have a gun?’.

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