Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not currently able to run workshops in person. If you would be interested in having a workshop or other facilitated discussion online (probably using Zoom) please get in touch (October 2020)

We offer workshops for Quaker and other groups…

  • to provide encouragement and support
  • for people to learn from one another
  • to explore and to develop ideas for action.

Those listed below are four that we have run recently but please get in touch if you would like to discuss having a workshop – or perhaps a small seminar or discussion day – on another theme or current peace concern.

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Building Peace Together

These workshops aim to support people in working together for peace, building on resources that we have in our communities. How do we include and engage with a wider audience in our peace action and witness? How can dialogue and constructive exploration of difference be part of our work for positive change? The workshop is about making space for hope, for listening and transformation in our action for peace.

Rethinking security – ideas to action

What is security? Where does it come from? Does my security provide you with security? Indeed, does security secure peace? What are the implications for building peace through non-military means, from local to international levels?
This workshop will look at security and insecurity both from the experiences of participants and their communities, as well as from some of the ideas that a range of individuals and groups have developed in recent years. The workshop will provide space to reenvision what security means and consider the practical opportunities and challenges arising from this.

Engaging with the media – changing the narrative for peace

What is the role of news and other media in reflecting and shaping attitudes to peace? This workshop will explore different aspects of engaging with news and other media on peace concerns. It will be a chance to reflect on the change of narrative that is needed and to explore practical ways the skills and approaches that might be used to this end.

Productive conversations on difficult issues

Speaking truth to those known to have very different perceptions than ours is difficult. However if we never do speak honestly there always will be a gulf between us. This workshop draws on one that we first offered to look at the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. It will be a time to consider and try out the skills of listening, questioning, sharing information and other approaches to making conversations on difficult and contested issues more productive.


We have created a general framework for each of the four workshops listed here but will plan the content with particular areas of concern, interest and need in mind as appropriate. The aim is to provide support to Quakers and others in reflecting and taking action for peace.

  • Workshops will be facilitated by voluntary members and paid staff of Northern Friends Peace Board, for between 12 and 25 participants. Our priority is to run workshops in the North of Britain.
  • We envisage that these will typically take place on a Saturday, in a Quaker Meeting House or similar venue.
    We are happy to discuss other timings and other themes.
  • We suggest a donation of £100 from the hosting group to cover some of our costs for a full-day workshop, but please contact us if finance is an issue.

Please contact the Northern Friends Peace Board (NFPB) Coordinator, Philip Austin, via the details on our home page if you would be interested in inviting us to do a workshop.

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