Sustainable Security

The world is made less secure by economic inequalities, resource depletion and competition, the threat of climate change and the unequal and unaccountable use of political power.
We aim to promote …

  • questioning and challenging the mind-set underpinning these problems
  • tackling the roots of insecurity
  • promote the building of peace and sustainable security by non-military means

We are currently involved in collaborative work, helping to promote the Rethinking Security initiative.

We also offer workshops for Quakers and others on the theme of Rethinking Security, and from Spring 2023 these include ‘Visualising Security’ workshops. Read on …

Visualising Security – March 2023

What makes you feel secure or insecure? Is it the same for others in your community, in other parts of the world? Our governments don’t tend to ask us when they are putting together security strategies, but they do ask those who are considered experts, some of whom will have strong vested interests in defining security in ways that will cause insecurity to others.

The Rethinking Security network is working on an Alternative Security Review and Friends may be interested in participating in or helping facilitate one of it’s consultation methods, Visualising Security. Using photographs to open up conversations, this approach can be used in-person or online.

Are there Quakers who would like to be involved over the next few months?  If you are interested, please get in touch with We see this as an opportunity for giving space to share our own experiences and perceptions, but also to hear those who might not often be listened to.

Addressing peace in this way is about making connections between issues of economics, environment, social justice etc. These are links to related organisations

Below are some links to resources some resources we have produced.

Building the Conditions of Peace in Challenging Times (updated Aug 2022) – Download

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