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From The Tribunal of May 4th 1916

To the Editor of “The Nation.”

Sir, – I should be glad if would publish these few words of a wounded soldier, if only to remove the widespread belief that those who are fighting have no respect for the Conscientious Objector. Just as, for the most part, thoes (sic.) who volunteered to fight did so from a supreme sense of duty, so also do the conscientious objectors carry out what they consider to be their supreme duty to humanity and to their country.

Because the clause in the Compulsion Act, which provides for the Conscientious Objector, has been abused by a few who have falsely arrayed themselves in the garb of the Conscientious Objector, that is no reason why the tribunals, which for the most part consist of men who are too old to fight themselves, should treat those obviously sincere objectors in the intolerant spirit which they have in general adopted.

The volunteer is honoured because he obeys the mandates of conscience rather than the dictates of expediency. Why, then should we persecute the Conscientious Objector for adopting precisely the same attitude? – Yours, etc.,
[We commend this letter to the attention of Mr. Justice Darling and Mr. Justice Lawrence. – Ed., “The Nation.”]

Tribunal, May 4th 1916

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