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A London Branch Secretary gives us the following information about one of his members, and says with truth that it is an abominable example of alternative service and an excellent corroboration of the penalising purpose of alternative service and an excellent corroboration of the argument for refusing it. The member in question, who is T.F. Drayton, of Golders Green, was three months within the age limit. He had been a Post Office servant for over 26 years, and was engaged on night duty connected with registered letters and foreign mails. There was no-one ready to replace him at his office, which was grossly understaffed. He had worked there 12 hours a night for months, and had for years been connected with social work, such as classes of telegraph boys, &c, which may now have to stop through his removal.

Humour, we are informed, rainbows the tears of the world, and the fact that the Tribunal offered Mr. Drayton work of national importance is one of those things that add to the gaiety of nations. Mr. Drayton was convinced by the this treatment of the fatuity of the suggestion that alternative service is “mobilisation of the nation for efficiency,” and therefore decided he will not compromise with such a scheme. He has therefore followed the lead of the National Committee, and was handed over at Mill Hill last week.

Of National importance

Agriculture is an industry of some importance to the nation, particularly to women and children. Perhaps that is why a young “C.O.” from Wales has been shut up in prison, leaving one brother and a father nearly 70 years old to manage 1,000 acres, and no-one to look after 1,400 sheep. No doubt he will, however, be invited to make a road in Suffolk.

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