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A mass meeting of about 2000 persons was organised by the Committee of Delegates of the Russian Socialist Groups in London amd the Jewish Social Democratic Organisation in Great Britain on the question of the maintenance of Right of Asylum last Sunday week in the Premierland Cinema, and manifested great enthusiasm. Alex Gossip, E.C. Fairchild, D. Carmichael, Mrs. Bridges Adams, Mrs. Bouvier, and a Jewish and a Polish speaker explained the great importance of the issues at stake, and the connection of the present struggle with the general problems of the present time. A resolution was unanimously carried protesting-

“That the present policy of the British Government towards the refugees from Russia is diametrically opposed to the rights of foreigners and contains in itself the destruction of the Right of Asylum, and that this policy is one of the forms in which the growing universal militarist and imperialist reaction finds expression.”

On the previous evening, at the concert and ball organised by the Committee of Delegates of the Russian Socialist Groups in London, a military and police raid took place. Representatives of the military and police invaded the Hall and demanded the papers of every man. All names and addresses were taken, but no “absentees” were found.

The period allowed by the Home Office for the voluntary enlistment of friendly aliens has now elapsed, but at the moment of writing no steps have been taken to impose conscription upon those who have not enlisted.

A very large number of friendly aliens, particularly Russian Jews, are determined not to undertake military service, and they are organising themselves for resistance. Our Russian Comrades may be assured of the sympathy and support of the N.-C.F. in their struggle.

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