Military spending – days of action

Addressing human and planetary needs is urgent in building a sustainable security. Meanwhile, the military industrial complex consumes money on an extraordinary scale and the war in Ukraine is leading many Nato member states to call for this to be ramped up still further. It is a challenging context in which to be raising these issues, but also an opportunity to address some of the assumptions behind calls for still further increases to spending on weapons and increased militarisation.

On climate heating, the IPCC report of 4 April couldn’t be blunter – the UN Secretary General warning that the consequences will be catastrophic if governments don’t act. The report also spells out actions that need to be taken – actions that need political and resource commitment. ( See )

The Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) has dedicated Days of Action each year, starting with the release in mid-April of the previous years spending figures by SIPRI – the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. In the UK, the campaign has been taken up by a coalition of peace and other organisations, and has focused over the past twelve months in particular on the disparity between spending on the climate emergency and military spending.

The month of action starting on 13th April will be an opportunity for individuals and groups to take action of different sorts. The GCOMS website is a point for gathering and disseminating background briefings, news and comment, alongside pointers and ideas for action.

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