Worship and witness in Yorkshire

Last September the memorial Meeting for Worship took place at Harrogate Meeting House for former NFPB member Anni Rainbow. Anni had, with her friend Lindis Percy, been particularly involved in the campaign to draw attention to and campaign against the US base at Menwith Hill.

As well as weekly vigils, now organised by the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign, on the first Saturday of every even-numbered month of the year, a Quaker Meeting for Worship takes place outside the base between 2 and 3pm, supported by Harrogate Friends, York Area Meeting. If you would like to join this meeting for worship for witness, contact Ruth Rymer on rymer365@btinternet.com .

For information about Menwith Hill:

Meanwhile, a different part of Yorkshire is host to Fylingdales, one of the 3 stations in an American Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) chain of radars linked across the North Atlantic. Friends in Pickering and Hull Area Meeting support a Meeting for Worship at Fylingdales on the odd-numbered months of the year between 12 and 1pm. If you would like to join that Meeting for worship, call 01751 472827.

For details about Fylingdales: https://yorkshirecnd.org.uk/campaigns/fylingdales/

A regular quiet presence throughout the year serves as a powerful reminder to those inside and outside the bases of the importance of working for peace.

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