Palestine and Israel: Joint call for ceasefire and de-escalation

Through the Network of Christian Peace Organisations in the UK, NFPB has endorsed an open letter to the Foreign Secretary, James Cleverley, asking him and the UK government to work for:

– urgent de-escalation of the conflict

– meaningful dialogue, recognising the long-standing unresolved issues arising from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza as key factors that have to be addressed.

– a ceasefire and humanitarian corridors to allow the needs of people in Gaza to be met

The letter also highlights the importance of standing against Islamophobia and anti-semitism and of not increasing polarisation. Nearly 500 people have now signed the letter, as of 19 October.

We have also put our name to a global letter calling for an immediate ceasefire, which is now open for individuals to endorse via this link

Quakers in Britain have joined with other Quaker agencies across the world in calling for a ceasefire and other measures as a matter of urgency, and also have put together actions that Friends might take in solidarity, and an additional page with suggestions and links for responding to the situation.

NFPB members and other Friends will be meeting together (via video conference) in stillness to share responses, listen to concerns and uphold all those working for peace. Friends locally are likewise meeting and gathering to reflect, express sadness and solidarity and build connections with people of faith and no faith to find ways of promoting peace and justice at this worrying time.

An issue of our Peace Round-up with links to a range of responses to the outbreak of extreme violence was published on 13 October and can be downloaded here

See also – Information from FWCC’s Europe and Middle East Section

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