From The Tribunal November 1, 1917 We print here in extenso, a leading article entitled “Conscience Recalcitrant” which appeared in the “Times” of October 25th… “Our columns continue to give evidence that the problem of the conscientious objector is not yet satisfactorily settled, and we understand that more is likely to be heard of it … Read more


For further updates go to https://nfpb.org.uk/archive/tribunal/ Probably the most glaring instance of crass ignorance on the part of the individuals who are “judging” conscience is the fact that the great majority of them appear to have not the remotest idea of the meaning of the word. From all over the country we hear of cases where … Read more

The “Daily Mail” and Brightmore

The “Daily Mail” has re-opened the Brightmore case – and shut it up again quick! On Friday, September 14th, it published on its principal news sheet a letter, running into over half a column, from “Chas. Grimshaw,” late Major, Manchester Regiment, protesting against the “iniquitous manner” “in which Brigadier-General McD Elliot and myself were called … Read more

International Notes: Canada & Holland

CanadaThe latest news from Ottawa is that in the new Franchise Bill necessitated by the coming General Election itis proposed to disenfranchise conscientious objectors relieved under the Military Services Acts from combatant service. This is not the law yet, but it will presumably become so. Our friends need not worry, however, the time is rapidly … Read more


Friends of truth and humanity are few in these days, but all of them will be indignant at the prosecution of Mr. E.D. Morel. Of those who criticised the policy of the Government in connection with the war, Mr. Morel is the one who has suffered most from calumny and misrepresentation. The Press, day after … Read more

News of Our Comrades Abroad: India

Some interesting news from India, where several men have appealed to Tribunals under the “Indian Defence force Rules, 1917.” Among st them is Mr. W. Bevan Whitney, B.Sc., A.M.I.C.E., who appealed to the District Magistrate at Poona, in the following terms:- “I wish to say first of all, that I believe that service to one’s … Read more


Judge Neil, writing in the “Daily News,” has been telling us how to improve the race. The suggestion of the Judge is mainly maternity benefits. Now that is not a novel notion; it has been demanded for years by Socialists and other people who are now being punished for refusing to help in the war—a … Read more


In reply to a question on July 5th, Mr. Macpherson stated in the House of Commons that Davies, Garland, Keighley, Middleton, and Price, the men sent to France at the beginning of the month, were “irregularly” sent abroad, and “should have been remanded for trial by court-martial in this country.” At the time of answering … Read more


For further updates go to https://nfpb.org.uk/archive/tribunal/ From The Tribunal 21st June 1917 Still another name has been added to the growing list of those who lost their lives to the crusade against militarism. We have sorrowfully to record the death on May 27th, at his home in Strathnairn Street, Cardiff, of John Evans, a young … Read more


The Cells, No. 4 Parkhouse Camp, Salisbury Plain May 31st 1917 Dear comrades, I have decided not to send a long written message to the Fellowship. Something more vital is wanted now. I have just read the Russian demand for an unequivocal statement by the Allies on the question of peace terms. It has thrilled … Read more

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