NFPB marks centenary

Northern Friends Peace Board was set up after a Peace Conference of Quakers in the North. The first of a number of activities and events will take place this Saturday at Manchester Meeting House, when past and present NFPB members, employees and supporters will gather to celebrate the longevity of the organisation and its activities. They will also hear about the resources that are being prepared for Quakers and others, with a new booklet and display being launched on the day.

The following is the text of the minutes written on 30th January 1913, setting up our organisation:

At a Meeting of the Joint Peace Committees of the five Quarterly Meetings [QMs] held immediately after a Joint Peace Conference in York. 5Th Day, 30 1 1913

Minute 1: John W Graham is asked to write to Norman Angell thanking him for his offer to write two books for our Schools, and suggesting further conversations with Arthur Rowntree and Francis E Pollard on his forthcoming visit to York, after which the matter should come before the Central Education Co. It is felt that we should not take the responsibility of accepting Norman Angell’s kind offer unless we know that there will be an opening for its use inside our Schools and, we hope, outside them also.

2: RJ Long is asked to arrange with the Friends who have produced a record of the Proceedings of the Conference, and with the Editor of the Friend, to have if possible a supplement published containing a full report of the Conference. Writers of papers are encouraged to send them to the Friends’ Quarterly Examiner, and the Arrangements Co. is asked to arrange for extensive reprints.

3: The Friends who have arranged this conference are asked to constitute our arrangements Co. until after the summer QMs with power to add to their number.

4. The QMs are asked to appoint members of a permanent Peace Board of the Northern Counties QMs to consist of:

5 members from Yorkshire
5 ‘’ ’‘ Lancs./ Cheshire
4 ‘’ ’‘ Durham
2 ‘’ ’‘ Cumberland
2 ‘’ ’‘ Westmorland

Total 18. Its special duty is to be to advise and encourage Friends in the North, and through them their fellow Christians and citizens generally in the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth.

That, as the service of the Committee opens out before it, should any Friend with a concern offer to assist in this glorious cause, the Board be empowered to make such arrangements as seem right for a period of years.

It is hoped that all five Q.M.s will encourage their members to unite in furnishing the necessary financial guarantee, so that all may in some measure share in the blessed work of seeking peace and ensuring it among the nations of the earth.

4: We appoint Violet Hodgkin, Herbert Corker and Charles J Holdsworth to write letters of encouragement and sympathy to Friends in Australia.

John W Graham, Clerk

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