Trident: alternative alternatives

With the Goverment’s Trident Alternatives Review being published, we thought it would be useful to pull together some of the other alternatives and useful background documents for a nuclear free Britain and world.

  • The 2013 UK Justice and Peace Pilgrimage has walked from Iona to London with their concerns. Their declaration concludes:
    “It is our belief that by reversing the decision to renew Trident, and beginning the process of dismantling the UK’s current stock of nuclear warheads, the UK Government would demonstrate convincingly to the rest of the world its capacity for true leadership on the world stage, as well as proclaiming the UK’s genuine commitment to helping achieve a safer, more peaceful nuclear-free world for future generations.”
  • CND have published The Real Alternative. Read the news item here and download the full report as a PDF
  • BASIC have published Beyond the Trident Alternatives Review and Trident in UK Politics and Public Opinion . Rebecca Cousins, their programme director writes on Open Democracy at
  • ICAN have published ‘Ban Nuclear Weapons Now’ – download it as a PDF
  • Scientists for Global Responsibility published The climatic impacts and humanitarian problems from the use of the UK’s nuclear weapons
  • UNA-UK has launched Towards Zero report on Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and also has a news item on a recent UK opinion poll – “UK nuclear weapons: the UK public speaks”:

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