New priorities for peace and security

NFPB has been part of small working group, along with other peace and disarmament organisations, preparing for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) which this year is on 14th April. Although the focus is on that date primarily, the period leading up and after it are valuable opportunities for people to ask questions, challenge assumptions and advocate alternatives to the levels of military spending that our government has committed us to.

The day is an initiative of the International Peace Bureau , with actions taking place around the world to coincide with the release of military spending figures by SIPRI , the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

In a call to action , supporting organisations in the UK call for military spending to be shifted towards social and environmental needs, with a new thinking involving civil society and government to create a clear programme of action for spending, research and investment to build sustainable, common security at national and international levels. This year we are focussing particularly on the possible replacement of the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. Redirecting its cost alone could prevent many of the key public sector cuts in the UK.

Resources for learning about and taking action on and around 14th April are available on the UK website at (which will be updated over the coming weeks) and internationally at:

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