Ukraine – NFPB letter to UK government

The following was sent today to the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond:

11th February 2015

Philip Hammond MP
Secretary of State
Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
King Charles Street
London, SW1A 2AH

Dear Philip Hammond,


We are very concerned about the continuing and growing tensions and armed violence arising from the conflict in Ukraine. We wrote to your predecessor, William Hague, just under a year ago urging action that would seek to de-escalate the conflict.

Nearly one year on we are facing the real possibility of the level and extent of violent warfare being raised significantly. We therefore ask again that you seek to use your offices to pursue with great urgency diplomatic means of de-escalating and moving towards a resolution of the conflict in order to avert the continuing loss of life.

We appreciate the complexity of political relationships within and beyond the region but fear that a build up of weapons and the use of aggressive language runs the danger of propelling Europe into a conflict with unknown and dangerous consequences. In place of that, we hope the UK government will support confidence-building measures, the work of the OSCE and other initiatives that can help defuse tensions

Yours sincerely,

Robin Bowles

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