Election briefing from Christian peace organisations

In a briefing produced on behalf of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations (of which NFPB is a member) the introduction reads, in part:
We are called as Christians to be peacemakers; to love not just our neighbours but also our enemies; to care for the poor, the sick and the needy as well as for God’s creation. We believe we are called to work unceasingly for a world in which all God’s children are treated fairly and with respect – and where unbridled human greed, violence and animosity towards the ‘other’ are no longer acceptable in a civilised society. Our vision of peace is based on right relationships between people and with God: on justice, trust, mercy and respect. As people of faith we have a responsibility to turn our vision into something real by engaging in nonviolent work for political change that will ensure the common good. The run-up to the General Election is an important opportunity for this. “

The briefing covers Military Spending and Human Security; Renewal of Trident; The UK Arms Trade; UK Armed Drones, and Britain’s Role in the World. We hope the briefing will be a useful resource for work with other churches, letter-writing in the media and to candidates and for wider networking.

Other members of NCPO include the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pax Christi, peace fellowships from the Methodist, Baptist, URC and Anglican churches and a number of other groups and organisations. The network meets twice a year and coordinates and shares information, collaborating from time to time in acts of witness, speaking out and awareness-raising.

A copy of the briefing can be downloaded below .

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