Call to PM not to add fuel to the fire in Syria

The following letter was sent today to David Cameron.

3rd July 2015

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

Dear David Cameron,

We join with others in holding in our thoughts those affected by the shootings in Tunisia. We are acutely and painfully aware that the terrible incident is part of a much wider and more complex picture, with violent actions leading to violent reactions, and much suffering of people around the world. We know that this is a very challenging set of circumstances for any government to have to deal with and none of us have simple solutions. But we would urge you and your colleagues in Government to step back from action – such as the bombing that has been proposed against ISIS in Syria over the past 48 hours – that is likely to fuel the fire of fear and hatred that gives that movement some of its energy.

We are committed to taking steps to improve understanding between peoples of different cultures and faiths and to promoting approaches to conflict that both tackle root causes and lay the foundations for longer-term, sustainable security for all concerned. We hope that our Government can take active steps to address the causes of alienation – globally and nationally – that appear to feed the roots of extremist action of all sorts and urge the Government to take an approach to security that seeks to break this cycle of violence.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Bowles, Clerk, Northern Friends Peace Board
Jette Howard, Clerk, Northern Friends Peace Board Executive

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