NFPB to be in Lancaster / November news update

This is a busy time for NFPB and for many Friends, with numerous conferences and gatherings. We are pleased to be able to attend many of these and to make contact with Quakers and others. At the end of this month (28th November ) NFPB members will be gathering in Lancaster for their final meeting of the year. As always, other interested Friends and Attenders will be welcome to join us. The agenda will include concerns around Trident and its links with parts of the North – in particular its base at Faslane in Scotland, and the site of production of nuclear submarines, Barrow in Furness. Social justice and the consquences of the current austerity agenda will also be addressed, with justice being vital to peace, locally and globally. And we shall be considering responses and possible activities in relation to the centenary of the introduction of conscription in 2016. For further details of the meeting, contact Philip Austin at the NFPB office.

If you are unable to attend the meeting or just want to know more about our current and recent activities, an update has been produced and is available here . Please get in touch if you would like one or more printed copies of this.

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