NFPB members join call for scrapping Trident

Members of Northern Friends Peace Board and other Quakers from across the UK were amongst those who participated in the recent large ‘No Trident’ demonstration in London. Some were part of the interfaith service beforehand, filling the Methodist Hinde Street church, before joining the main march.

The renewal of Trident is a concern of us all and in particular of Scottish Friends, with the bases at Faslane and Coulport being the visible reminder of the presence of weapons of mass destruction on these shores. We are pleased to be able to support the Meetings for Worship outside Faslane when we have our Board meetings in Scotland and at other times.

In South Cumbria, the issue of jobs connected with the construction of the submarines at Barrow in Furness continues to be challenging. We are exploring the most useful way of combinining witness and dialogue as a response,

For links to resources on this and other related concerns, go to our Challenging Militarism page.

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