Changing the narrative for peace – critical role of the media

Conference – Darlington 24th September

If the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail’ – a quotation sometimes used when the possibility of going to war is in the air. It alludes to a wider issue of how we view security and how news sources and other other media outlets frame the discussion.

It is now widely recognised that underlying drivers or causes of insecurity range from economic inequality, to climate change and arms exports and other forms of militarisation. And yet there is a narrative and approach to international conflict that is too often framed as a violent situation that needs a violent response.

How can we, Quakers and others concerned for peace, support and promote a broader concept of security, one that takes a longer term view and recognises the factors that create the conditions of peace? What role does the media have to play?

Our conference in Darlington on 24th September will be an opportunity to engage on these issues, with speakers from the worlds of journalism, campaigning and research and participants weclome from a range of backgrounds.

Visit our webpage here for up-to-date information and details for booking your place.

And see our blog for further background information.

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