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In spite of repeated assurances as to the impossibility of the death sentence being inflicted on conscientious objectors in France, we received on Thursday, June 22, news that on the previous Thursday, at Bologne, four conscientious objectors, who had been court-martialled for refusing to obey military orders, were sentenced to be shot.

The four men were Messsrs. Marten, Scullard, Foister and Ring. On the date mentioned, the regiment was drawn up and the men paraded for their sentence to be pronounced, the court martial having been held some days previously. It is said to have been an impressive and solemn function.

The court-martial sentence of death was pronounced by an offer; after which there was a pause, and then came the announcement of the subsequent commutations of the sentence to


These men were members of the first party of conscientious objectors sent on May 8 to France, where the Non-Combatant Corps is stationed, and employed on such duties as quarrying and road-making. Before going to France they had served a term of imprisonment in Harwich Redoubt. They have consistently refused to obey all military orders on the ground that it is against their conscience.

It is understood that sentence of death was commuted by General Sir Douglas Haig. The prisoners have been transferred to Rouen, and it is expected that they will be returned to England.

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