Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

International negotiations take place in 2017 on a treaty that would ban all nuclear weapons.

Northern Friends Peace Board is part of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations which has just published a briefing for use by individuals, organisations and churches in preparation for these negotiations. In the introduction it states: “We believe the abolition of all nuclear weapons is a matter of faith and spirituality that speaks of how we live together in the world, how we see one another and how we understand security.”

We are also supporting from a distance the lobby of parliament on this issue, taking place on 1st March. CND have a web page for action on this here , and have also produced a briefing

There is an international website (set up by ICAN, the nternational Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) with further resources and an easy to send pro-forma email to send to your country’s UN ambassador. It states in part “I therefore urge you to confirm your government’s intent to participate actively and constructively in these negotiations with the goal of adopting a robust treaty that prohibits nuclear weapons. And I hope you will encourage other governments to do the same.”

UPDATE: Timmon Wallis gave a talk on this as part of the Hexham Debates series on 11th February. A video of the talk and discussion can be viewed at

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