Global Campaign on Military Spending

A week ago the Ministry of Defence proudly announced that the UK is “stepping up across the globe: the 5th largest defence budget in the world and largest in Europe, rising by around £1Bn a year” How will this promote sustainable security with research and investment into those things that will keep us truly safe?

A global coalition of organisations and grass-roots activists are this week (20 – 23 April) taking part in a Global Campaign on Military Spending – bringing these questions to the attention of governments and communities around the world. They suggest the money would be better spent on healthcare, international cooperation & development, tackling climate change and investment education.

In the UK the GCOMS Coalition includes Pax Christi, the Quakers, CND, Scientists for Global Responsibility, Women in Black, Fellowship of Reconciliation and many more. This is the fifth year that events have been organised in England, Wales and Scotland. An on-line ballot has been created where people can vote for how they would distribute the £46 billion that is spent annual on militarism. Events such as ballots, vigils and information stalls will be held in Scotland, Hereford, Yorkshire, throughout London, Oxford and more inviting people to take part in similar ballots and providing information on how much is spent on the military and offering creative,sustainable alternatives.

Internationally movements in the Philippines, South Korea, Kenya, Spain, Greece, Canada and the US will be using street theatre, seminars and marches as tools to promote a message that money spend on the military needs to be re-directed to serve the needs of humanity and the planet.

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