Talking Peace Postively

This was the title of a workshop we facilitated at Colwyn Bay Meeting House at the beginning of Quaker Week, on 1st October. The workshop was attended by local Friends and Attenders, as well as participants from peace and Amnesty groups. Looking at current peace challenges and concerns, the group was encouraged to explore differences in our understanding and in our responses, and to identify some of the root causes of violent conflict.

In speaking out and taking action for peace, are the roles of prophet and reconciler mutually supportive, or contradictory? Recognising the fears and insecurities that are behind many areas of tension and conflict, how can the way we engage with people help or get in the way of positive change? The group reflected on the need for giving space and time for listening and conversation as well as for speaking out. Coupled with this, the group challenged itself in reflecting on how willing we are to be changed ourselves, through the process of dialogue and conversation.

For more information about our workshops, download our workshops leaflet here

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