NFPB statement on Glasgow Arms Fair

As a body representing peace concerns of Quakers from across Scotland, as well as the North of England and North Wales, we unite with those who have already voiced opposition to the holding of the Underwater Defence Technology (UDT) event in Glasgow from 26th June. We understand that the programme has involvement of companies linked to Trident and its successor, and that these also feature as areas of discussion during the conference. Given the Scottish Government’s opposition to nuclear weapons, we are surprised and disappointed that this event is taking place in Scotland.

We oppose Nuclear Weapons on moral grounds. We also oppose them because of their cost and their contribution to global insecurity. We call for a redirection of the skills of those employed in the arms industry in Scotland, so that these skills can be used for societal and global benefit rather than for the production of costly and destructive weaponry. We hope that Scotland can lead the way in building positive and genuine security through its efforts towards a fair and just society, global justice, and a healthy planet.

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