Time to step back and take constructive action

Northern Friends Peace Board trustees have stated the following:

We join with others in urging our government to play a constructive and active role in seeking routes to de-escalate tensions following the assassination of General Quaseem Solameini. As a community committed to peace, we oppose violent action and reaction by parties in a conflict. We are distressed at the opportunities lost already to build a more constructive set of relationships with Iran through the United States’ undermining of the JCPOA nuclear deal. There is a dangerous spiral that has already developed from this, and there is a danger that the UK will be drawn further into this due to its relationship with the United States. This must not be inevitable and there could be devastating consequences for the wider Gulf region and indeed the world. We live together on this planet and should seek to deal with differences positively and to build the conditions in which dialogue, understanding and cooperation can be developed. The space for such dialogue is reduced in the heat of violent conflict. Now is the time to consider the wider consequences, and for restraint and stepping back rather than being drawn into reactive and provocative action.

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