For a world without war

There is an urgency – the sense that major militarised powers may be on the cusp of significant violent conflict in Europe is frightening and things are moving quickly, and confusingly. We know that Quaker and non-Quaker friends will be united in their hope, witness and advocacy for a de-escalation and a stepping away from the brink.

We need to support one another in this, sharing information, resources, opportunities for action and more. As a contribution, we have created this page for Ukraine-related resources from a range of difference external sources. We hope you find this useful; we shall try to update it with relevant content when we can. We also share materials through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A leaflet that Friends may wish to use is shown below and availalable to download here (and in two columns for printing A5 leaflets on A4 sheet)

Our work is also about longer term change and transformation, with our involvement with Rethinking Security being part of that. We shall shortly be starting with them an online course, as part of Woodbrooke programme. There is still time to register, via this link.

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