Further action on nuclear weapons needed

As part of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations, we are pleased to support this new briefing , coming out at a crucial stage of decision-making about nuclear weapons. As some of the major global players are now moving away from the existing agreements, there is an even greater need to push for implementation of this new treaty and to working for the end of nuclear weapons.

While many states are currently in the process of ratifying the Treaty, there are some supportive states that have policies of not joining a Treaty until it enters into force. This delays the TPNW entering into force and gives succour to those seeking to undermine it.

Nuclear-armed states have also been putting pressure on states that support the TPNW not to sign. Everything from attempting to make the TPNW sound ineffective to threatening to withdraw financial or other support if states sign. It is vital for the success of the TPNW that states are able to make their own decision on their engagement with the Treaty.

Closer to home, there are many MPs who support the TPNW, and the Scottish National Party has long supported this initiative. While MPs are focused on other issues, it is important to continue to raise the TPNW with them and demonstrate the level of international support for it.

The Treaty provides the UK with a wonderful opportunity for global leadership, for creative thinking about approaches to security that would address the real problems of our planet such as inequality, climate
change and migration.

The United States has confirmed that it will suspend its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and will withdraw in six months. This gives an indication of the need to
maintain pressure on nuclear weapons states to act responsibly and make nuclear disarmament a political reality

The briefing suggests a number of actions, including:

  • Read the Treaty and be informed!
  • Offer to write an article for a local or faith community newsletter.
  • Arrange a meeting, inviting your MP along to discuss how she/he sees this issue.
  • Explore how the Don’t Bank on the Bomb Campaign can be used to encourage churches, pension funds, Religious Congregations and others to investigate whether or not their investments support the “testing, production, manufacture” of nuclear weapons. www.dontbankonthebomb.com
  • Urge your local authority/council to support the TPNW. More here http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/
  • Sign the Christian CND Petition urging the UK Government to sign and ratify the Treaty http://christiancnd.org.uk/ petition/

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