NFPB and the Covid-19 pandemic

This past week we have been preparing for and then moving our office-base to our Coordinator, Philip Austin’s, home in Bolton. Trustees support the staff in keeping safe and out of circulation in the interests of limiting transmission.

We do not have routine access to all the resources and materials that we would normally, but have most things in place to keep connected and communicating. We will be bringing our members together through a new email network and setting up video-conferencing opportunities for discussion and information-sharing and for sub committees and working groups to continue to meet.

None of us knows how this current unprecedented situation will develop, but we must assume that our next members’ meeting, due to take place on 20 June, is likely to be affected. We are clear that we can and must continue to play a role in facilitating, conversations, sharing knowledge and experience, speaking out, creative thinking and networking amongst Quakers and others concerned about peace.

Please do get in touch with us with questions, ideas, concerns and news. What is your peace witness in the midst of a crisis of this sort? What can we learn, what can we give? We must find new ways to support one another in such extraordinary circumstances, physically distanced but, socially and spiritually, very much one community .

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