Spend on war no more

We recently contributed to a Twitterstorm – a series of tweets on the theme of UK military spending, sent out during a narrow time period and using the same hashtag, #UKDefundWar. Coordinated by the UK network of the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS), it took place after the government announced a planned £24bn increase in military spending as well as a reduction in spending for overseas development. The GCOMS website has links to a range of resources and responses to this.

The Twitterstorm also coincided with the first month of the GCOMS UK network having paid support, with Matt Fawcett now working one day a week for the coming months to help promote and support the promotion of the issues in general and activities around the April Global Days of Action on Military Spending in particular.

NFPB is pleased to be supporting this development, which has benefited from greater use of video conferencing. It is particularly timely that their should be an increased level of engagement around spending priorities, with the pandemic and the urgency climate crisis highlighting security needs that simply cannot be met through armaments and militarisation.

If you would like to be further involved in action on these issues, please get in touch.

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